2014 Food Trends Pt. 2

In our previous post, we introduced you to some of the food trends we’ve been tracking for 2014.  Recently, we asked some of our industry colleagues to comment on how they are already incorporating current trends into their events or to make their own predictions for hot new ideas.  Here’s what they had to say.

Trend:  Celery

At Your Event:  Chap Gage of Susan Gage Caterers predicts that celery is going to be the newest veggie Chefs and mixologists alike will be elevating and highlighting.  He has created two custom cocktails featuring this often over-looked green that can pack a mighty punch of flavor.

Aquavite Celery Martini

Photo courtesy of: Susan Gage Caterers

Celery-Aquavit Martini

2 oz. Linea Aquavit

1 oz. Celery simple syrup

.5 oz. Dolin Blanc

Top off with soda water

Garnish with celery

Rim with smoked sugar


Celery simple syrup

1 Cup water

1 Cup Sugar

3 stalks of celery (chopped)

Boil water, add sugar until dissolved, add celery and simmer for 10 minutes

Strain and allow to cool (will last in your fridge for a couple of weeks)


Celery Greyhound

Photo courtesy of: Susan Gage Caterers

Muddled Celery Greyhound

2oz Jensen Gin

2oz Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice

Small handful of celery greens


Muddle greens in bottom of a rocks glass

Add ice

Add juice and gin

Lightly stir


Trend:  Cauliflower

At Your Event:  Wolfgang Puck Catering at The Newseum offers a delicious and unique first course highlighting the media’s pick for veggie of the year.  The Roasted Cauliflower Soup with Indian Spices shows just how versatile this pale sister of broccoli can be.

Wolfgang Puck Cauliflower Soup

Photo Courtesy of Wolfgang Puck Catering The Newseum


Trend:  Artisan Gin

At Your Event:  Occasions Caterers has been noticing an increase in custom cocktail bars at events.  To highlight this year’s trend of artisan gins, offer a selection of small batch gins, including DC’s own Green Hat Gin.  Then, invite your guests to mix their own cocktail with an assortment of options like housemade syrups; fresh herbs and berries; citrus peel ribbons; lemongrass sticks and candied ginger batons, small batch tonics, fresh squeezed juices and more.

Photo courtesy of Occasions Caterers

Photo courtesy of Occasions Caterers

Trend:  Juicing

At Your Event:  Kimpton properties across the country are now featuring fresh juice menus, and The Hotel Monaco Baltimore’s Juice Caboose Break offers a fresh and healthy option for meetings and events.

Kimpton Juice Bar

Trend: Hyper-Local

At Your Event:  Farm-to-table dining and local, seasonal, green events continue to grow in popularity. Some venues are going beyond sourcing at local farms and actually growing their own produce.  The Hay Adams Hotel recently announced a “partnership with the University of the District of Columbia’s College of Agriculture, Urban Sustainability and Environmental Sciences (CAUSES) to serve locally grown produce from its Muirkirk Farm. The farm uses sustainable growing methods to produce a range of fresh herbs and vegetables including ethnic crops not native to the US, but that can be grown locally.”

Hay Adams DC farm

Photo courtesy of Hay Adams