Puppy Love

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As the new owner of an adorable puppy, we’ve got puppy love on the mind.  Here are a few tips for including your four-pawed family members in your wedding day.


1)  Make sure your venue is pet-friendly.  If you’re having an outdoor wedding, is there shade for your dog in case it’s a hot, hot day?

2)  Make sure you have someone who can handle the dog other than you or a family member.  Animals are unpredictable and if they aren’t behaving or need to take care of business, you don’t want someone attending the wedding to miss out.

3)  Make sure they look their best.  Have them groomed the day before and, if appropriate, add a little bow tie or tutu to make it official.

4)  Don’t forget treats, food and water (and poop bags) so that all their basic needs are taken care of.

5) Everybody say “Cheese!” Don’t forget to let your photographer know that you want pictures with your pet(s).

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I know I’m biased, but I think Miss Darley would make a great flower pup!