2014 Food Trends

As in previous years, we have been collecting ideas and articles about the latest trends in the fashion, design and food industries to share with you.  In the coming weeks, we will talk about what trends will impact the event industry and provide inspiration and ideas on how you can incorporate some these trends into your upcoming events.


The experts have been abuzz for months making predictions about what will be big in food for 2014.  Here are a few of the articles we’re keeping on file National Restaurant Association, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Food & Wine.  Not surprisingly, some of the trends from last year will gain even more favor this year (e.g. mash-ups, local sourcing, and artisan products), but there will also be some new themes bubbling up (Peruvian cuisine, Cauliflower, tea).

Here are just a few of the trends expected to be big in food, dining and cooking.  Follow our Pinterest board to learn more.

2014 Food Trends

2014 Trends to Watch (L to R): Middle Eastern Spices and Cuisine; DIY and Artisan Gin; Mash-ups like S’mores BrowniesCauliflower Ousts King Kale; Tea, Not Just for Drinking; Artisan Breads; and Veggies, Juices and Local Sourcing, Oh My

What trend has you reaching for the recipes?