Royal Wedding Wishes

Practically the whole world seems to be atwitter with anticipation for the Royal Wedding tomorrow.  Being in the events industry, like many I am excited to see what gown the bride will wear, what unique touches will be present, how the groom will react when he first sees the bride (always a favorite moment for me at weddings), etc.  I would love to know all of the details of the event and the multitude of logistics being coordinated by a team of mostly unknown and unrecognized people.

At the end of the day, these are all things that we, the media and public at large, seem to be the most focused on.  What we seem to have forgotten, is that this is the wedding of William and Kate.  It is their day.

So, here is what I wish for William and Kate as they take their first steps in their new life tomorrow.

Steal Lots of Kisses

by Lynne Brubaker

Jump for Joy

by Kate Haus

Laugh Often

by Rodney Bailey

Be Romantic

via Style Me Pretty

Dance Like No One is Watching

by Simply Bloom

Find Some Quiet Moments

via Bridalhood Blog

Be Tender

by Simply Bloom

Be Passionate

Justin Lee via Green Wedding Shoes

Be Yourselves

via Green Wedding Shoes

And, of course, that they live Happily Ever After!