St. Thomas Favorites

It has been especially hard to adjust to being back from vacation.  The frigid temperatures in the DC area and the craziness of catching up on a week of work have me wishing I were still sitting on the beach sipping a Drink of the Day.  I thought I would share a few of my daydreams with you.

My Favorite Things About My Trip to St. Thomas

1)  Eight days enjoying the perfect beach!

2)  Havana Blue – a fabulous restaurant we visit every year; you must try the ceviche and the miso sea bass – yum!

courtesy of Havana Blue

3)  Building princess sand castles with my nieces.

4)  The custom-made Caribbean lobster dinner the chef made to help us celebrate my Mom’s birthday.

5)  Making footprints, picture frames and ornaments with Magic Milk at SandArt.

What I don’t miss, the wretched cold we all came down with and the flight delays on the way back!

*unless otherwise stated, photos by me